Introduction to Human Services

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Learning Activity #2: Human Services Models Exercise

There are various ways of looking at the issues a client may present:

  • The Medical Model, which assumes that the client has a medical condition (such as depression) that needs treatment with a medical solution (such as pharmaceuticals).
  • The Human Services Model, which assumes that all people have problems to varying degrees.This does not constitute illness.Practitioners who adopt this model look at the environment in which the client lives and encourage positive change.
  • Consider the concept of a Spiritual Model, which may view client problems as evidence of a spiritual need.

View the following PowerPoint presentation titled Models of Human Service.

  • Discuss models presented.
  • Write three paragraphs summarizing the difference between the models.In the last paragraph write why one model best describes how you feel you would work as a human services professional.
  • Place your completed paragraphs in the drop box labeled

Human Service Models Response.

Learning Activity #4: Advocacy Exploration Exercise

Those who are less fortunate need someone to be their “Voice”, to speak up for them.Children, the mentally challenged, minorities, and the elderly need someone to support changes in society to improve the quality of their lives.An advocate serves this role.

  • Watch advocacy overview video:

  • The focus of this activity is to explore advocacy.The following website is a good resource to get some working definitions and an overview of advocacy.
  • Request information from an organization that is working on an issue you are passionate about. Include your facilitator in the email if you request information in that way, and forward any response to your facilitator as well.

The links below would be good places to begin.

  • Provide names of at least three organizations and the issues they advocate for. Give a short summary of what they are trying to accomplish.Include the name of the organization from which you requested information, along with a statement about what do you intend to do with the information.

Learning Activity #5: Social Work Career Essay

Career Focus: Social Worker

A career as a social worker can be highly rewarding.You have the opportunity to facilitate tremendous positive changes in your clients.

  • Watch the video.It gives a quick overview of social work.
  • Record information from these two sites and about the social work occupation (i.e. job description, pay, and work environment).
  • Once you have reviewed the websites prepare a 1-page essay addressing the following questions.To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need to be thoroughly addressed:

  • What social work specialty interests you the most and why?
  • Review the average salary for the position that interests you the most.
  • How much education is necessary in order to obtain a job in this field?
  • What would be some of the advantages or disadvantages of a career as a social worker?
  • Place your completed essay in the drop box labeled Social Work Career Essay.

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