initial call

you will make a sample looking the same as the one below using the report of Fred that is less than five minutes

Case 18 You Decide: The Case of Julia

Hello, my name is Julia Smith. I was referred for an evaluation by the dean of student life at my university. People seem to think I have a problem, but I say I am fine. They say I am too skinny and that I spend too much time by myself, but I think I could be skinnier, and I don’t want to hear their criticism. I am in college on a scholarship which is based on grades and track and field. I had to lose weight to keep up on my times which meant I had to eat less and work out more. I also have to study, a lot! It is stressful, yes there is a lot of pressure, but I’m handling it! I probably could eat more but I don’t want to gain back what I lost. I really don’t sleep very much but I think it’s enough. I don’t know how people can say I’m too skinny, how can they tell that when my clothes are so baggy? My lowest weight has been 103 lbs. but I still looked chubby, so I stuck with my diet. Shouldn’t I be able to make my own decisions about my life?! I had to stop hanging out with my friends to study. i don’t see my roommate much at all but that’s just because we are both so busy. So now because of my mom I have to take more time out of my schedule for an evaluation. If you could get back to me to set it up that would be great. My number is 555-1234. You can reach me there any time unless I’m in class in which case I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you.

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