In America, what “side” of the climate change issue do you hear about most from politicians or the media?

Whenever the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own government. —Thomas Jefferson

A hot-button issue in the American/International Political climate is climate change. This has also been heavily influenced by media interpretation and coverage. The scientific evidence supports the perspective that global climate change is the result of the impact of our species on the environment. However, some hold the perspective that it is just part of the earth’s natural cycle. In the meantime, billions of dollars are being invested in projects and initiatives related to climate change. This has become a very divisive issue, with strong opinions about the topic. It also raises the question of who should be trusted when it comes to issues such as these—the people running our governments, scientists, or the media.

After reviewing this week’s material, in your initial response, consider each perspective. In America, what “side” of the climate change issue do you hear about most from politicians or the media? Do you think this could have an influence on the direction in which climate change research is headed? Why or why not? DO 75 WORD



When responding to your peers’ posts, explain why you agree or disagree with their point of view. Thinking about what you have learned about our obligations as citizens, describe why it is important for citizens to be informed about the science behind this issue. Consider what information you would want to have if you were making a decision about this issue, and when not knowing enough might lead to a poor outcome.

James post

In America, I think it is a mix on climate change being an issue but becoming increasingly popular among all Americans. Americans believe that it is an issue that needs to change in the future.

Politicians in America are divided on the climate change issue. The Democratic party agrees that climate change is an issue, but they are not sure what to do to fight climate change.  The Democratic presidential candidates all agree that we must do something to fight climate change, but they do not agree on what to do. The issue for Democrats appears to be what to do to battle climate change.

The Republicans, for the most part, do not believe that climate change is an issue. The president thinks that it is a hoax and does not pay it much attention. Some Republicans believe it is increasingly doubtful while other Republicans now are beginning to realize that it is an issue that does need some attention. They believe they could lose some voters if they do not support the issue.

The media plays both sides of the issue depending on what audience they are trying to capture.

I do believe that the American people’s responses to the climate change issue, whether agreeing or disagreeing, it is an issue will influence the direction of research. If the American people believe climate change is not an issue and nothing needs to be done, and the politicians agree then the research will not be supported either the people or financially. The research that is currently in place will stop due to lack of support. If the American people believe it is an issue, then the research will be supported both by the people and financially and the politicians. With the support of the politician’s plans will be put in place to change the current climate change issue.7-41

Nancy post


I do not hear much of climate change in politicians anymore. I believe that they are to worried about other things then what the climate is doing and how we are affecting it. If that was the case we would have something already implemented into this country but we do not at the moment. We mostly hear about how human induced emissions are affecting the environment but yet so little people try to change and make a difference. If people do not get involved the issue on climate change will stay the same.

I think it will influence the direction scientist take on helping people understand the science of climate change and how exactly it is affecting our world. I think that is the biggest issue is that people do not understand and that is where our problem begins. Like politicians they do not talk about what they do not understand unless they just want to make themselves look good like some of these on television. I believe that if people whether it be politicians or people in general do not understand something they will not research it enough to be able to understand it and make a difference.

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