Impact of Project Crashing Peer Review 2

Provide a classmate review on their discussion topic :

Review the module reading and presentation, and view the video below about project crashing. Provide your opinion of why crashing a project may be necessary and what may be the positive and negative impacts resulting from crashing.

Project crashing explained (YouTube 5:58)


Classmate post that you need to post comment/ review on:

The video above gives a great description of project crashing.  To crash a project, you need to have good cost estimates so that the project manager can compare the cost of crashing to the timeline and overall fixed costs.  The biggest negative I can see from this video’s description is the hidden cost to other projects and their timelines.  The increased costs to crash a project may adequately cover the labor and resources required for this specific project, but you may be pushing other projects with higher fixed costs out into the future.  Management needs to keep in mind the real resource restrictions and overtime costs to weigh their options adequately.  The positive side of project crashing is that since the individual departments may not be aware of the overall fixed costs, a project crash can save a company money.  For example, if it costs $400 a day to crash a critical path task and your fixed costs are $1,000 a day, the company saves $600 and delivers the product one day early or creates slack for an overage somewhere else.

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