Howard Gardner’s Theory Write a letter 2 pages long about her post 2. Write a letter to a student…

Howard Gardner’s Theory

Write a letter 2 pages long about her post 2.
Write a letter to a student after reading the best post 2 you can find from all the classmates.
When you have finished, post on your page as usual and then copy and paste your letter in the ‘discussion box’ that is below that student’s page you chose as a powerful writer so s/he can read your comments. If you can not do this, we can do it in class.
Please respond thoughtfully, carefully and thoroughly and use the guide below.
What are the elements that make this student’s writing so meaningful? Begin writing what you like and your reasons in general.
Think about what the student writer has summarized and the points from the author s/he analyzed.
Did the student use a specific example of his/her own?
Did it relate or connect to the idea the author was making?
What are the major points illustrated or explained in the student essay? Name at least 3. If there is a point missing, please tell the student writer.
How does the student move from one point to the next? Be specific and write the ‘transitions’ if the student writer used any or signals to the reader.
Provide examples that show how the student writer has blended in two quotes in the paper. Is the set-upaccurate? Is there enough relevant background from the author?
How does the student writer begin and end the paper? How effective is this to the reader in order to understand the value or importance of what is written?
What can the student writer do to improve?
In your conclusion, write what have you learned about writing and/or any other ideas by reading your classmates’ written thoughts?



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