History The new deal

Please read the textbook about chapter 21 and then choose the best answers to match each question.

1.Which of the following was a measure taken by the government during the New Deal to avoid future bank runs:
A.Putting America back on the gold standard to limit the amount of capital available to Wall Street
B.Forcing banks to separate their investment branches from their commercial branches
C.Creating direct government control over the largest investment banks Splitting up large investment banks into smaller units
D.Creating direct government control over the largest investment banks

2.Which of the following was a shortcoming of the Agricultural Adjustment Act:
A.The government purchased agricultural products, therefore encouraging further overproduction
B.The government subsidized farm owners, but left out sharecroppers and other agricultural workers
C.The government closed down many farms, creating more rural unemployment
D.The government subsidized all farm workers, creating large financial obligations it could not meet

3.Which of the following was not a consequence of the Wagner Act of 1935 and the Flint Sit-Down Strike:
A.shift in the political loyalty of industrial workers toward the Democratic Party
B.A massive increase in union membership during the 1930s
C.More democracy in the American workplace
D.Further segregation of industrial unions along racial lines

4.One consequence of New Deal programs being administered by local officials was
A.That racial discrimination in the implementation of programs was widespread
B.That a lot of federal money disappeared in the pockets of local officials
C.That many programs were not implemented at all
D.That discriminatory aspects of the programs could be corrected on the ground

5. Which of the following professions was not supported by the WPA job programs:
A.Construction workers

6. A major reason for the end of the New Deal by 1938 was
A.That white Southern politicians stopped supporting new government programs
B.That President Roosevelt announced he would not run again for office in 1940
C.That the economy had sufficiently recovered
D.That the Supreme Court kept striking down New Deal programs as unconstitutional

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