Help with parenting project.

Lifespan Parenting Project

Utilizes chapters 10,11,12 of the e-text.

Requirements and grading for each part are as follows: (10 points)

Title Page: The title page for each part should minimally include the following: your name, course title/section, school, and the 2 topics you have chosen to research, each from a separate chapter. Failure to include a title page will result in a 1-point deduction.

Articles: For each part of the LPP, you are to search the internet and select 1 article on each of the topics from your selected chapters (total of 2 articles). Post the articles in their entirety (not just the URL) properly cited, preferably in a different color font (my personal favorite is purple) to separate them from your work.

After each article, you should include the following:

  • Summary of what you learned from the article (not simply an overview) and how it expands upon the information in the text (2 points)
  • Posting of selected picture/graphic from any source (including personal pictures) to illustrate the topic; include a verbal description of the picture and explain why it was chosen to illustrate the topic (1 point)
  • Posting of an additional supporting website with title and URL and brief summary of how it further extends the information on the topic (1 point)
  • Selection of 1 additional topic within these chapters that you believe needs further research, and explain why (1 point).

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