Gov 2305 Chapter 9

Here is the link to the book that we are using

Username: abarnes54

Password: Nicole14

Chapter 9 Assignment

Using the links to party platforms below, choose 4 issues that are important to you and tell me the party positions on each.You can complete a fifth for .5 extra credit.

Use the space below.

DO NOT CUT AND PASTE from the platforms- take a few seconds to paraphrase.Bullet points are fine.See sample below.

The ‘labels’ in the platforms may be different, so look for similar/related headings when searching for the positions.

Be mindful that the Libertarian and Green Party platforms are not quite as thorough as the Democratic and Republican platforms, so do the best you can with what you have. You can also infer their positions based on their overall statements of principle.

For the Libertarian and Green Party, tell me whether their position is more closely aligned with the Democrats or Republicans

Do not use the same issue as my sample (income inequality)

Please use my template and follow the sample.

Party Platforms:




oGreen Party:

****See Attatched Document*****

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