good candidate

You are a caseworker for a dialysis center providing resources and support for patients with end stage renal disease. You are preparing paperwork for one of your clients who is undergoing the screening process for a kidney transplant. You and your team must decide if your client is a good candidate for a transplant. Your supervisors note that your client has a history of alcoholism and substance abuse and that this history could disqualify your client’s transplant candidacy. You disagree with your supervisor and suggest that the client’s substance abuse is no longer a problem. The team, however, ultimately disagrees and denies approval for your client’s transplant. You are upset and angry with your supervisor.

You now must share’s the team’s decision with your client. You know he will be upset and will most likely become verbally agitated. You are not looking forward to meeting with your client.

In a 2-page paper address the following:

  • What are the salient features associated with this case?
  • Write a one-paragraph letter to your client summarizing the team’s decision. Make sure to include an argument and rationale for your decision.
  • Write a one-paragraph letter to your supervisor expressing your disagreement with the team’s decision.
  • Identify a minimum of 3-4 concepts and definitions from your various human services courses and explain how these concepts are evident and relevant to this scenario. For example:

    “In the Rosales scenario there are several examples of human service concepts and terms. One term that is relevant to this scenario is cultural assimilation. Cultural assimilation refers to process by which a person from a differing culture adapts and changes behaviors to meet the demands of the new culture (Jones 2016). The family will need to learn English and adapt to the US culture as part of their assimilation process.”

    Use bold print or italics to highlight the key concept and terms so that your instructor can easily identify the terms/concepts you have chosen for this scenario. Use credible sources where appropriate.

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