Final Art Essay

I need to write an essay based on the last two chapters of my textbook and include examples in it.

Here is the Prompt:

300-500 Words Compare the Postmodern Art World (chapter 25) with the Postwar Modern Movements (chapter 24-such as Abstract Expressionism, Conceptual Art, Minimalism and Pop Art-).

What, if any, are the main differences or similarities? What kinds of issues do Postmodern artists take up in their work? Do issues change with discipline (types of art) or does just the approach change?

Use specific art and artists as examples to support your statement include some images in the essay. Be sure to address ALL the prompts in a thoughtful manner. Cite your work. Follow the prompt and directions.

Here is the link to my online textbook:

My user name is:

Password: Angel2006

if you have any trouble login in or accessing the textbook let me know

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