I have emailed my documents to  onefreelance88@gmail.com. I emailed a rubrix, a leader core competencies chart (military), an example of what I need the paper to look like and 3 different case studies. I need no more then a 1 page summary of each of these 3 case studies with a reference page with 3 references per following the example EXUM and the 100 % part of the rubrix. Along with that I need you to look at the summary through the lens of the leader competency I will match up below. So an example would be if I matched the word leadership up with one of the case studies then you would go to the chart and look at what is under leadership and when you summarize the case study try to incorporate how that word leadership is relevant in the story. 


  1. 1 Page Summary with a reference page 

(EXUM 1) Case Study: Operational Overload Case Study 

                    Competency Table Word: Communications 


1 Page Summary with a reference page

(EXUM 2) Case Study: The Leadership Imperative Case Study

                    Competency Table Word: Leadership


1 Page Summary with a reference page

(EXUM 3) Case Study: Defensive Support of Civil Authorities Case Study 

                     Competency Table Word: Operations 


This is the first thing on the rubric that will need explained in the first part of the summary:


The NCO Common Core Competency is clearly identified and succinctly explained. The writer provided supporting information on the NCO Common Core Competency providing a clear and complete description. 


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