explain the multiple regression and relevant concepts

due in 48 hrs

I found the data and conducted the multiple regression analysis by myself for you already, which are all included in excel. One TAB is data, another one is analysis.

Actually you just need to:

(1) explain the multiple regression and relevant concepts

(2) Explain the results of the analysis.

And then it’s okay to use other data if you need it.

Professional Assignment 2

Please explain multiple linear regression and the determinants associated with it. Use the Excel file as the sample data which is suitable for multiple regression analysis (“Data” tab). Perform the regression modeling on the data (I already did it in “Regression” tab); and interpret your result. Evaluate the associated correlation coefficients and discuss if there is consistency between the correlations and the coefficients in the regression model. It is highly recommended that you look at the correlation matrix first to avoid situations in which there is excessively high correlation in either direction. You need to have at least two independent variables in your model. Provide your work in detail. Include source of data among 2-3 references. Ensure that the objective of the study is included in your write up before presenting the regression model.

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