Example essay

First Essay: Essay 3: Example

Write a 650-word essay which you support with the use of examples. Be sure that your thesis establishes a generalization that provides the premise for your examples. Make a visual plan to help you develop your paper if you need one. If you are having difficulty deciding on a topic for your example paper, you might find some help among the suggestions on Page 170 of Student’s Book of College English.

Some topics to consider:

  • Religion leaves many serious problems unsolved
  • The United States has become the world’s police force.
  • Women are still fighting for equality in America

Second Essay: Thinking About Example

in 200 words, write a paragraph describing your writing process for the Example Essay. What strategies did you use to choose a topic? How did you make sure that you were specific? How did you ensure that your examples are real examples and that your generalization, or thesis, is one that examples can support? Did you find it difficult to play fair? why/ why not? how did you arrange your examples? Who is your audience? What was your purpose in writing this essay? Did you revise your draft? What errors did you catch when you proofread your paper? Are you using any free software to help you check grammar? If not, have you considered Grammmarly. com? [it is free and very effective].

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