Ethics question

  • Explore 3 ethical decision-making theories. For each one, a minimum of 3 fully developed paragraphs needs to be written which includes a definition or understanding about a specific theory, its strengths and its weaknesses. The theories are: Virtue Theory, Deontological Theory, and Utilitarian Theory. When explaining a theory, please limit direct quotes to ONLY those which are absolutely necessary. If you understand the theory, you should be able to put it in your own words. This section is the foundation of the paper, and should be very expansive. Additional research is absolutely required.
  • Within your paper, create a grid or table where you identify the main features within each of these theories. This will become a quick reference for easy review about the theories being examined. The grid axis should include the following topics such as: (1)What is the central question each theory asks?; (2) What is the rationality; (3) How do outcomes affect the process; (4) How do rules affect the process; (5) Is there a universal concept; and (6) what is the primary weakness of this theory. While all of these topics may not be addressed, the primary focus is that you show a strong level understanding of the theories reviewed and the distinguishing features it reflects.

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