Essay Questions

Chapter 1: Choose one of the forensic sciences (other than psychology) discussed in the chapter. Provide a detailed description of the field, including why this profession is considered “forensic.”

Chapter 2: (Two parts) Describe the five officer profiles that are prone to excessive force complaints as identified by Scrivner. Describe the operating procedure in a large agency after an officer is involved in a shooting incident.

Chapter 3: Poythress et al. (1993) made recommendations for forensic psychologists to follow when performing psychological autopsies or equivocal death analyses. Describe two of these recommendations.

Chapter 4: (Two parts) Describe actuarial predictions, clinical predictions, and structured professional judgment. What does the research tell us about each in relation to risk assessment?Compare and contrast the Daubert standard and the Frye standard for evaluating expert testimony.

Chapter 5: How do the trials of Theodore Kaczynski and Colin Ferguson pertain to competency in individuals with mental disorders? What changes in the legal system did these two trials bring about?



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