Essay Questions

Essentials of Sociology: A Down-To-Earth Approach

  • Chapter 14: Population and Urbanization
  • Chapter 15: Social Change and the Environment

Essay Questions – Reminders

  • You are ALWAYS encouraged to “expand” your answers beyond just what you have read in the textbook, just make sure and cite any sources (using the APA style) you use OTHER than the textbook. NO need to cite the textbook in your answer. DON’T be to “short” with your answers. Your answers must reflect your understanding of the concept(s), and that really can’t be done in one or two sentences! These are essay questions, NOT short answer questions, so a minimum of two (2), well written paragraphs is expected for each answer. And remember, if there is more than one “part” to an answer, EACH part must be answered as a separate, quality paragraph.

Chapter 14: Discussion Topic – Urban Problems

Discuss the effects of suburbanization, disinvestment and deindustrialization.

Answer the following questions in your own words. Explain your choices and your reasons. Provide examples where possible. Be sure to number your answers and present them in order:

  1. Chapter 14: Explain why the Least Industrialized Nations have so many children and explain the consequences of rapid population growth.
  2. Chapter 14: Explain the process of urbanization, U.S. urban patterns, and rural rebound.
  3. Chapter 15: Identify and explain the four (4) ways that technology changes social life.
  4. Chapter 15: Explain how industrialization is related to environmental problems.

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