Essay on Cross Culture Interactions in the early modern world.

In an essay of 750 to 1000 words, explore both the video lectures and the primary sources to make an argument about the nature of cross-cultural interactions in the early modern world. In the end, you should persuade your reader, through your thoughtful analysis of the historical evidence, that your description of the “nature of cross-cultural interactions” is not only historically accurate but it is also analytically valuable.

When organizing your ideas and drafting your essay, follow these guidelines:

1. Build your analysis using the course materials and the assigned primary source readings. By all means take the ideas and evidence offered in the videos (and please note that we have provided transcripts of the videos as well). DO NOT base your observations on other evidence that you locate on the web or elsewhere. Remember, a big part of this essay is showing us your mastery of the course material we have assigned.

2. After reviewing the material from Weeks 1-4, choose the two or three or four examples that best allow you to make a persuasive case about the nature of cross-cultural interactions in the early modern world. While you want to show that you understand the larger trends in the material, take the time to explore in depth these specific examples.

3. When you refer to specific historical evidence (which should be something you do frequently throughout the essay), indicate, in parentheses, the location in the course materials of the evidence.

4. Do not simply copy what we (or anyone else) have said. If you do, use quotation marks to indicate that the words were written by someone else and be sure to indicate your source for the quotation in parentheses. Plagiarism is a serious violation of GSU policy that leads to severe penalties!

I will post Chapter 3 transcripts from the videos and you can use any content to use as a reference. There are 10 videos/transcripts and you can choose 2-3 of those as examples when writing the paper. ( Early Modern Atlantic World)

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