Effective Leadership and Teamwork

In this Section , we looked at how teams are formed, characteristics of high performing teams, traits of an effective leader, and the effects an organization’s culture has on team formation and performance. In this discussion, you will critique the performance of a team of which you are or were a member. 

Discussion items should consider:

  • Describe the makeup of the team and the larger organization (if applicable).
  • What were the goals and objectives of the team?
  • How was the leader of the team chosen? Were there multiple leaders?
  • What traits did the team leader exhibit (both positive and negative)?
  • Describe the team’s working environment, including any conflicts.
  • Assess how the organization’s culture affected your team.
  • Evaluate the performance of your team in achieving its goals.
  • Generate any recommendations to improve the team’s performance, if applicable.

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