EC210/EEC2500 Rasmussen College Mod 4 Sonia’s House Life Case Study

Grandma brought Sonia to school after being out of school for a week with a virus. Grandma was carrying her as she was kicking and screaming. Grandma looked at you and said, “Morning” She threw her hands up in the air and waved them around. She was talking in Russian with some English blended in. You recognized the words, fight, mom, sick, milk, and done. Grandma turned around and walked out the door without saying good bye to Sonia. Sonia began to cry louder and started running after Grandma. You stopped Sonia before she reached the door.

Knowing what you do about the family from home visits and conferences, reflect on what life a Sonia’s house must be like. Next, research various relationship building strategies to relate to Sonia and her family. Use your research to address the following in a 3-5 page paper.

Describe one or two of these strategies and how they would be helpful.

Describe how you would support Sonia to have healthy relationships with her family and child care provider.

Knowing your temperament and Sonia’s, elaborate on what you can do to help Sonia at school.

Finally, describe a problem-solving approach to working with the family concerning guidance issues.

Use APA formatting for your paper,.Include at least one in-text citation from your text, readings or additional research. In addition, include a title page and a reference page.

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