Discussion: Southwest Airlines Analysis Methods Peers Review 2

Provide a classmate review on their discussion topic :

Using the report you submitted to your boss on the Southwest Airlines accident, state the analysis method you chose to use and explain why you selected it.

Classmate post that you need to post comment/ review on:

Trying to decide which of the three tools to evaluate and identify the causes and hazards for the rapid decompression of Southwest Airlines 812, I decided to use the Failure Mode and Effect (FMEA).

The Functional Hazard Analysis could be performed, although it seems like one to address a more complex system such as multifunctional one, where various functions interact with each other.

The Fault Hazard Analysis seems more intuitive since it can be used just for the purpose of analyzing quality which is clearly am outcome on Southwest 812 incident. The limitation I find with the Fault Hazard model is that it purely focuses on the system fault and could overlook the human element, which in Southwest 812 was omnipresent.

FMEA has a proven track record applied to determine component failures and been adopted by the American Society for Quality Control (Ericson, 2016). All the FMEA definitions fit well for this case, addressing not just the failure of the upper fuselage, but why and how it failed and how a similar event would be prevented in the future.

I find as well that the FEMA model can nicely link the multiple human errors, such as the wrong sized rivets, installation of them, painting, and lack of quality processes and record keeping.

Wrong fasteners selection brings to my attention British Airways 5390, where an explosive decompression happened for the installation of one tenth of an inch too short bolts on a windscreen at a BAC 111. The Captain was “pushed” to the atmosphere during the emergency descent while held by his crew-mates, and miraculously survived https://youtu.be/6SI2V_DbCTw (Links to an external site.)


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