Discussion/ Social work class/ Social worker role

hink about a behavior that someone has mentioned they want to change.

How would you apply the information presented in materials ( attached) this week to evaluate and support the change process?


Any problems to be aware of in identifying the problem?

How could you measure the behavior to track changes?

Provide specific examples of how a client might discuss changing this behavior if in the pre-contemplation stage?; the contemplation stage; or the preparation stage.

What resources did you turn to in order to prepare for this assignment?

If you found a useful resource please upload it into the thread so that classmates may benefit!

For your peer responses, you may want to discuss what may be helpful to motivate someone to progress through the stages of change.

For example, was there a positive incentive or reward for the behavior?

Were they avoiding something negative?

Do you think more likely to change for themselves or someone else?

What role might support or encouragement play in following through with change?

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