Discussion: Project Initiation Phase Charter

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The focus of this discussion assignment is the project initiation phase charter. A charter is like a Project Initiation Document (PID) but in more detail and normally used by large corporations and complex projects, as found in the aviation/aerospace industry. Review the below video and develop a discussion posting which provides your opinion of the value of a project charter in relation to a project initiation phase.

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It’s only obvious that starting a project without a charter is like building a skyscraper with a blueprint. Can it be done? Sure, but why would you.  What is it, and why do we need one?  A project charter is a statement of intent. Within this document a business case is communicated, justifying the project, expansion, process improvement initiative, whatever, by stating the cost of the targeted issue (in terms of time, capitol expense, manpower, etc.) for the business. Some of the items in a project charter are as follows:

          The project title (self-explanatory, what are you doing). The client, project sponsor and owner – This is the customer, who will benefit from the improvement effort. This could be a company, a department, or specific individual. A project sponsor is a customer within the client organization who has provided authority for the improvement initiative. The owner is the person ultimately accountable for the project.

          A problem statement: The problem statement defines the requirement for a project. The project objectives are the action points which will solve the problem or deliver the product. Scope – Scope refers to the objectives addressed within the project. Project milestones – The milestones are stages in the project whereby a key phase is achieved. Milestones also provide a watershed point, where insight from the steering group and others can influence the project’s direction.

          Deliverables – This section is the actual deliverables of a project. Tangible items, such as a project report, should also be listed here.  Risks and assumptions – The risk is the potential for a degrade in service due to the project. Assumptions is information the project team will consider true at the start.  Project team, steering group, and stakeholders – The project team are responsible for undertaking the project. The steering group often provide the project team with guidance on the project’s direction, increasing or decreasing scope if required. The stakeholders are individuals or teams which could be impacted by the project.

          Without covering any, or all, or even some of these topics in your charter leaves the project manager open to critical shortfalls by possibly not covering all of his/her bases, leaving stakeholders out of the loop (because they weren’t properly identified from the beginning) on important milestones (that you may or may not have listed or delivered on).  A great project needs a great foundation, a charter does that!


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