Discussion: Phased Approach Peers Review 2

Provide a classmate review on their discussion topic :

Develop and post a discussion entry that provides your interpretation of the reasoning for aviation/aerospace projects to be carried out in phases. Moreover, what are the benefits of the phased approach?


Classmate post that you need to post comment/ review on :

Before my current role as a planner with the airport, I had very little working knowledge of project management and this week’s topic of how or why projects are to be carried out in phases. Looking back, I used to live in a fantasy land of why something doesn’t just get done right away. With my current job, along with taking this course, things are indeed coming full circle.

One of the reasons for aviation projects, airport projects, in particular, to be carried out in phases is how planning is conducted from airports to FAA. By that, I mean there are set ways the FAA mandates things be done. For instance, future planning must be approved in several ways, from the FAA publishing forecast to getting an Airport Layout Plan approved, which depicts future development. Following these items is funding. If the airport receives federal funding, some stipulations must be followed. Therefore, with planning projects at most airports, it makes logical sense that the concept’s steps, leading to definition and planning phases, are all the start to any project.

Part of the benefits of phasing is that it can help eliminate some problems, especially early on. While it may not be a checklist, it can potentially aid as one. Having set phases with milestones can help the project manager inform the stakeholders of the progress. From our weekly reading, Fundamentals of Project Management, Figure 1-2 of the Life Cycle of a Troubled Project is reasonably accurate. If the project is not fully defined when initiated, things will begin to fall apart quickly. When things tend to fall apart, it can put the project in jeopardy and add significant cost to a project, all of which could be avoided.

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