Discussion: Phased Approach Peers Review 1

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Develop and post a discussion entry that provides your interpretation of the reasoning for aviation/aerospace projects to be carried out in phases. Moreover, what are the benefits of the phased approach?


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A phased approach to project execution is crucial for aviation/aerospace initiatives since system development in aeronautical/aerospace is always complicated and includes significant risk and uncertainty. To reduce risk and analyze problems sooner, building or creating a system utilizing a phase-based method rather than figuring it out after the project or design is finalized. A phased implementation strategy provides enough time to obtain firsthand information about project characteristics, personnel, and cultural variations to modify the plans appropriately. Furthermore, one of the advantages of employing a phase-based approach is that it reduces safety concerns and costs. After each phase, the methodology creates the opportunity to assess and make judgments. Overcoming resistance to change allows one to learn from previous phases and implement them into the current system in subsequent phases. For example, the United States Naval Aviation maintenance program has different phased maintenance methods to perform significant aircraft overhauls and specific inspections during the aircraft’s life in service. This strategy is preferred due to the complexity and uncertainty of the schedule and resource needs. The phased method is designed to increase the likelihood of achieving specified system performance within the original resource and schedule assumptions.

        The phased method is proactive and aids in the progressive accumulation of information in all areas such as technical, workforce, funding, support, scheduling, facilities, management, procurement. As a result, when it comes to the final implementation, one can be sure of the requirements and understanding. We can save both money and time by better organizing the phases.

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