Discussion: Personnel Peers Review 2

Provide a classmate review on their discussion topic :

Review the videos below concerning project personnel capability, and think about how the halo effect from your readings may be involved. Money expended for less than acceptable progress is sunk cost and reduces profitability. In a large aviation/aerospace company, a project manager is unlikely to know the qualifications of the many different individuals assigned to various activities/tasks. Post a discussion activity entry explaining, as a project manager, what you would do to assure the personnel assigned to a project are capable to complete the work


Classmate post that you need to post comment/ review on:

There are a few things I think a project manager can do to assure all the personnel assigned to a project are capable and competent to complete the work requested. With the halo effect in mind so as to not discriminate for companies or personnel with bad reviews or overly high reviews, a project manager may want to review all those in line and get a resume, or at the very least their qualifications of that portion of the project. Another thing the PM can do would be to have references for each person and actually talk with a few to get a glimpse of how that person is professionally. Once the resume or qualifications have been reviewed and feedback from references has been given, those that are still contenders for the positions should then be interviewed. Another aspect I think is important is to select at least two people for certain positions especially if it involves programming at all. One can be a primary and the other secondary but more than just one person needs to know what is going on in case something happens to the primary programmer. It would be best if the teams working on each part of the project got along in some capacity as they will likely be working together for a long period of time with aerospace projects. Obviously, some people will slip through the cracks and not perform up to what the project manager expected, but those individuals will be dealt with if that occurs to keep the project on track.

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