In this week’s readings, you are exploring man’s place in the community and the idea of crime and punishment. Select two of the literary works from this module and post one paragraph that addresses one of the questions posted on the Overview 2 slide.

·How does the author present the crime within this work? Is it vague or specific?

·What’s the relationship between the crime and its punishment?

·Is the punishment appropriate, or disproportionate somehow?

·Is the crime an act that is legally punishable?

·Do the characters learn from the crime?

·Who is the victim? Is the victim given a voice?

·Is the major source of conflict within each piece resolved?

Include discussion of the differences between the subject, purpose, and audience in the two chosen works. You must include specific examples and quotes to support your ideas. Keep in mind that you will be exploring this issue in your essay, so if you have any questions, please ask.

Remember, a paragraph must have an introductory sentence and a conclusion. Quotes from our literature book on the discussion board, you must document quotes, summarized information, and paraphrased information with in-text citations. Cite Work.

When responding to your classmates, you must address your postings to the person you are responding to on the discussion board. You must write in complete sentences using proper grammar rules.

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