Did you create index or flash cards using a service like Brainscape or another sharable format?

It is time for something a little different!  For this discussion, you will be seeking visual examples of spontaneous and thoughtful persuasion strategies.  The influence of social and mass media marketing is well understood and discussed in this article.  Using the ideas from the article and the concepts from this week’s reading, scour social and mass media channels to find three visuals demonstrating the ability to persuade an audience, consumer, or small group of individuals.  (You can even use television ads and billboards!)

Your post should provide:

  • All three visuals (or their URLs)
  • A brief discussion about the effectiveness of the visual.  Remember to ground your discussion in the article’s ideas and concepts from this week’s readings.  (Use at least 75 words per discussion.)
  • A rank!  Rank the visuals in order of their ability to persuade.

Remember to provide APA-formatted citation and references, as needed.  You should post by Wednesday at 11:59 PM, PST and post substantive responses (50 words) to at least two class members by Sunday at 11:59 PM, PST.

Did you create index or flash cards using a service like Brainscape or another sharable format?  If so, please feel free to share your cards in the forum!

Just need 75-100 words. i will send the post of other students after i post the initial Post. I need in 2 hours

Abud F. week 3 discussion


I’m starting off with this ad by loreal for two reasons. The first being that in our last class I wrote my paper on the feminist movement. The second being that I come from a family of extremely strong, confident, exceptional women, so ads like this really speak to me. This ad has several ways that it draws you in. The obvious thing: The title says it’s an ad for men, yet it’s an ad from a makeup company that traditionally sells makeup for women. That in itself is very catchy. The ad claims that profitability will be higher the more women there are in leadership roles. I don’t know if this is real fact, but it can be researched. I love this ad. I think its powerful.


Next up is this advertisement that at first glance you think might be for Marlboro cigarettes. Then it grabs you. Why are there children’s crayons in a box of cigarettes? This one is black and white except for the crayons themselves. Really catches the eyes that way. The statement, “DO YOU WANT THEM TO TAKE AFTER EVERYTHING YOU DO?” plays to your emotions. Obviously, you wouldn’t want your children to pick up your unhealthy habits. This is an extremely powerful usage of emotion and color.


This ad uses a very powerful visual. It poses a question and the visual poses as the possible answer to the stated question. The posed question is: “DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOU REALLY SPEND ON CIGARETTES?”. The question is also small compared to the visual of the car in the shape of a cigarette butt being “put out”. This in and of itself is a powerful image as well. This is food for thought. How much money could you really save if you didn’t spend it on cigarettes? A car? Maybe. Quit and save. You’ll find out. It’s very convincing.

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