Describe some of the legal challenges families face today regarding mental health issues.

Read and complete the “Cassie Case Study.”

Imagine you are assigned the task of presenting at a local mental health and wellness agency about legal challenges families face. For this presentation, you will develop a PowerPoint presentation that includes the following:

  1. Describe some of the legal challenges families face today regarding mental health issues.
  2. Using your state’s websites, describe four laws, regarding mental health issues, that impact today’s families.
  3. Next, explain the impact of those four laws on today’s family. Discuss why you selected these laws.
  4. Explain the benefits of the four laws and how they are intended to support the family structure.
  5. Explain the potential negative effect of the four laws and how the family might be adversely impacted.
  6. Next, identify two laws for specific family members (i.e., Defense of Marriage Act. (DOMA), divorce and custody laws, child support). Recommend two state resources that could assist families dealing with these legal challenges.
  7. Citing three to five scholarly sources, provide a summary statement, explaining your views on the two laws that you identified for specific family members. Defend your answers regarding the intent of these two laws.

The PowerPoint presentation should consist of 15-20 slides not including the title slide and slide for APA citations. Images may be included in the presentation, but be sure to keep all image file sizes low for this presentation.

Refer to the resource, “Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations,” located in the Student Success Center, for additional guidance on completing this assignment in the appropriate style.

MHW-642: Cassie Case Study

Cassie is a 35-year-old white female, who lost custody of her two children. Cassie has been a heroin addict for 10 years, but for the last 12 months has been in recovery and is now drug free. Cassie’s absence from her children included a six-month incarceration for committing burglary at a convenience store. It was during that six-month period in jail that she started her recovery.

Cassie’s mother and father have custody of Cassie’s 12-year-old son, Austin and her 8-year-old daughter, Amber. Austin and Amber have different fathers. Both were placed in the care of the Department of Child Safety (DCS) for custodial/legal support but have but have been in the residential home of their grandparents for the past 5 years. Cassie has made an effort to call both kids weekly and also writes to them regularly. Austin responds well to his mother, but Amber hesitates to talk to her mom on the phone and doesn’t answer her letters.

Neither of the kids’ fathers is involved in their lives. However, Austin’s parental grandparents take him every other weekend and occasionally Amber goes on these weekend visitations. Austin has met his aunts and uncles and goes to school with a few of his cousins. Austin’s grandparents are both actively involved in their church and both kids enjoy Sunday school classes, church picnics, and have church friends they communicate with during the week. Both kids have been excelling in school. Cassie’s grandparents take Austin to Little League and Amber plays soccer.

Lyndia is the Social Worker from DCS assigned to Austin and Amber. Lyndia reports that both children are doing well developmentally, doing well in school and socially adjusted, but Lyndia thinks that it is time for Cassie and her children to be unified. The grandparents have some concern that Amber has anger and resentment towards her mother. The grandparents are working with Lyndia to achieve unification, however the grandparents desire to act in the best interest of the children.

Citing two to four scholarly sources, answer the following prompts about the case study:
Explain how the state has affected Austin’s and Amber’s well-being. (75-100 words)
Explain how Austin’s and Amber’s well-being has been affected by the market. (75-100 words)
Explain how the family has affected the children’s well-being. (75-100 words)
Explain how Cassie’s behavior affected her family system. How did the changes in the family affect her children’s well-being? (75-100 words)
Explain how Austin’s and Amber’s well-being has affected their family system. (75-100 words)


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© 2019. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved.

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