Critical Thinking, Plan Implementation

HU345: Critical Thinking

Unit 9 Assignment template

(The instructions are included in parenthesis to guide you through the assignment. Delete the parenthetical sections before submitting your work. Please do not use “track changes” in the template, as this makes it difficult for your instructor to read and you may be asked to resubmit.)

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Part I: Define the scope of the problem and have an objective.

(What would you like to change? Why? What can you realistically put into practice over the course of the next year? Begin with a general goal, then refine the goal down to one specific objective. Show your reasoning here.)

(Ensure that the problem to be solved is one narrow in scope and actionable. Instead of “write a novel,” “get organized” “eat better,” or “stop procrastinating,” define the problem in one clear, reasonable conclusion. Here are some examples: “I want to write 200 words a day on my novel.” “I want to organize the garage before the summer.” “I want to stop eating sweets on weekdays and be moderate on the weekends.” “I want to make progress on work projects earlier in the week.”)

(In at least one paragraph, identify one problem and explain how you will come to one specific, actionable objective. State the objective as the last line of Part I.)


Part II: Research and Reasons.

(To create a change, people need a reason to act, or a “why” behind what they want to change. In order to learn how to achieve your objective, you should gather information from at least two credible sources, using and citing the sources in APA style. Cite the sources with an in-text parenthetical note where you use them in the work, and in full end reference as well.)

(This section should be at least three paragraphs. In the first two paragraphs, introduce what you have learned from your research that will help you make this change. What did you learn that helped you make this change a priority? For example, do people with organized homes have less stress? What is the impact of stress on the human body?)

(Which sources did you decide to trust and why? How will you use the research to help motivate your reason, or support your progress toward the goal? Share these ideas in the second paragraph.)

(In the third paragraph, give your personal reason for action on the objective. What will motivate you to build discipline or insight in this area? Aim to express a reason why the change would be important to you. If the change is not important at this time, you may need a stronger “why” or a different objective.)

Part III: Design a plan.

(In at least two paragraphs, you will introduce at least two specific daily or weekly actions that will be required for you to take action to meet your objective.)

(What are the processes you must put in place? How will you implement the plan? What do you foresee to be obstacles that you may need to overcome? What can you use to help keep yourself on track and accountable?)

(Save Parts I, II, III, and your reference page in the same document. Submit the complete document to the Dropbox.)


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