Controversies in Psychology – Counterpoint

A hallmark of a critical thinker is the willingness and ability to actively seek out and understand points of view and information different from one’s own. Considering a broader range of knowledge to carefully think through problems and come to logical conclusions and effective applications and solutions are hallmarks of effective critical thinkers.

In this discussion, present a counterargument that you have found to your position. So that learners do not have to refer back to a previous discussion, repeat your topic and position. Next, present the counterargument. Support the counterargument with evidence from a scholarly source.

In your discussion, include:

  • Your topic: (Does online learning or traditional face-to-face learning lead to higher academic performance?)
  • The working title of your paper.
  • Your position and thesis: (Online learning leads to higher academic performance compared to the traditional face-to face learning.)
  • A counterargument to your thesis or argument.
  • Evidence for the counterargument (include in-text citations).
  • Reference for your source (or sources).

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