Contemporary Issues in Social Service Program Planning and Administration

Contemporary Issues in Social Service Program Planning and Administration

  1. Examine the era of accountability discussed in your readings, and identify what the GPRA initiative is. Describe the impact of this initiative and what you think was the most beneficial impact of the GPRA initiative.
  2. Examine the logic model discussed in your readings and explain how this is a resource in planning process.
  3. Examine effective-based program planning from the reading in Chapter 1 of your text. Define the steps in the process as discussed in your readings.
  4. Explain how effective-based program planning would benefit any human or social services organization.

Please read the following chapter in your textbook, Designing and Managing Programs: An Effectiveness-Based Approach.

Chapter 1: “Contemporary Issues in Human Service Program Planning and Administration”

Chapter 1 will introduce you to the major governmental and other initiatives that have prompted the need for program planning. It is important to be aware of the relationship between the logic model and program planning. It is essential to have an understanding of how agencies and community-wide networks relate to each other in addressing social problems. It is imperative to become familiar with the steps that are involved in effective-based program planning. It is also important to recognize the elements of a program that are critical to measuring effectiveness. You will be introduced to these concepts as you review Chapter 1. Some of the other concepts you will explore will help you further examine the era of accountability and designing for monitoring, performance measurement, and evaluation.

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