Conducting a Nonparametric Analysis

Part 1: Chi-Square Analysis

The benefits office wants to investigate whether a relationship exists between the level of an employee and their interest in a 401k plan. The office was able to select a group of 201 employees (both managerial and nonmanagerial) for the analysis. The data is as follows:

Level For/Against 401k
Against For Total
Managerial 28 49 77
Nonmanagerial 11 113 124
Total 201

Using the above data, conduct a chi-square analysis and respond to the following question:

  • Is there a relationship between an employee’s level and their interest in a 401k plan? Support your answer using data from the analysis. Answer in a narrative form and also copy your Microsoft Excel data printout sheet into your post (you may attach it to your post instead of copying it into the text box if you prefer).

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