compele 10-15 pages of PPT, every page must include image.

Create a Vision Board that conveys a sense of what your future looks like in terms of career and personal goals. Instead of broad and long term goals, focus on what you would like your life to look like five years after graduation from your undergraduate program. This is an exercise to help you find clarity in your career path and provide a visual iconography of your goals. Where do you see yourself living? What kind of job do you have? What does your life feel like?

Your Vision Board should consist of 10 – 15 images and will be presented to the class. Your images can be compiled either in digital or analogue format, in whatever medium you feel most comfortable (Powerpoint, Pinterest, Poster board etc.) Please be prepared to discuss your selections and elaborate on your identified goals during your presentation.

*I’ll provide the grading Grading Rubric later.

*I’m international student, please use simple and easy-understand words.

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