Communication paper


You have been working on a group project with several other students. The project has generally been going well, but one person on the project has not been pulling his or her weight, relying on everyone else in the group to complete the project. The group has discussed this problem, and you have elected as the person to communicate with the student who has not been helping on the project.

Using Microsoft Word or a similar program, draft an email to your fellow student discussing the issue and what you think can or should be done to resolve it. You will want to communicate carefully, being clear on the problem as you see it without being aggressive or angry. Proper language and tone will be extremely important.

On the same document, in 2-3 paragraphs, discuss how you came to the solution for this issue. In this discussion, include what would constitute a good resolution for the problem in your opinion and what actions (or non-action) by the offending student would cause you to contact the instructor for additional help in resolving the problem.

Grading Rubric











Not Submitted

No Pass




Not Submitted

Email is unclear in addressing the problem or does not offer specifics regarding the issue.

Email discusses the problem, but is brief and does not provide a clear, unambiguous statement of the problem.

Email discusses the problem clearly and with detail regarding the missing work/effort.

Email is clear and direct, and discusses the problem with significant detail.

Not Submitted

Email is overly aggressive or hostile in tone.

Email attempts to be measured, but some aggression/anger is evident.

Email is generally measured in tone with one or two lapses.

Email is carefully moderated in tone and discusses the problem calmly and clearly.

Not Submitted

Discussion does not include steps taken to find a resolution to the problem or steps taken are unclear/ineffective.

Discussion offers a clear path of problem resolution, but with little or insufficient detail.

Discussion offers a clear path to resolution with some detail on each step in the process.

Discussion is clear and offers not just detail on the steps of reaching a resolution, but also offers clear rationale for why these steps were taken.

Not Submitted

Discussion does not offer a clear point to involve someone with more authority in the solution.

Discussion suggests a time to involve more authority, but with some ambiguity or lack of clarity.

Discussion gives a clear delineation of when more authority should be brought in to resolve the problem.

Discussion is clear in bringing in more authority and also offers a rationale for how and why more authority may be needed to resolve the issue.

Not Submitted

Email and response are unprofessional in tone, language, grammar, syntax, spelling and/or other aspects of communication.

Email and response make a real attempt at professionalism. Tone, language, spelling, syntax and other aspects of communication contain some errors that may affect understanding or meaning in places.

Email and response are professional overall. Tone, language, spelling, syntax and other aspects of communication contain some errors that do not affect understanding or meaning.

Email and response are professional throughout. Tone, language, spelling, syntax and other aspects of communication are accurate and effective.

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