Choose a study that is either quantitative or qualitativ

Choose a study that is either quantitative or qualitative. The study should meet the following criteria:

  • It does not use mixed methodology.
  • It is a primary research study. Studies detailing meta-analyses,  theoretical proposals, or opinion papers are not appropriate for this  project.
  • It must report on original research conducted using human participants.
  • It must be reported in an article that is part of the research literature of your field.
  • It must have been published in the last 5–7 years.

Based on your assignment submission, your instructor will determine  if the study you selected is appropriate for use in the remaining  assignments in the course.

You are required to provide the following to complete this assignment:

  • Provide the reference for your chosen article in APA format.
  • Provide the persistent link to the article.
  • Indicate how the study is an appropriate part of the research  literature of your field, and provide a short paragraph explaining your  reasons why.
  • Identify whether the research is qualitative or quantitative, and provide a short paragraph explaining your reasons why.

Compose your assignment in a Microsoft Word document.

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