Choose 3 of the following topics for essay responses

Choose 3 of the following topics for essay responses:You may use a work of art from your essay/presentation but you cannot use the entire thesis. You must provide detailed definitions of the styles and detailed analysis of the examples – that is why you have the questions ahead of time! Please do not use outside sources other than the text for this test. Information downloaded from online sites will not be accepted.

1.Compare and contrast the ancient greek view of humanity to that of the renaissance view of humanity – 1 specific exampleof each must be used

2.Compare and contrast the northern and southern renaissance – again, an example of each must be analyzed and included in the comparison

3.Choose a Baroque artist and using 3 works discuss his/her style as seen in all 3 – should also explain how it exemplifies Baroque

4.Same as above but use a Renaissance artist

5.Compare and contrast the Renaissance to the Baroque style – using an example from each

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