Choose 1 of 4 essay topics to research

Each reflection paper will be at least one page long (maximum length is 3 pages), address a particular issue or problem that we have discussed in class and is expected to show your skills in critical analysis. You are supposed to summarize the debates on a specific issue/problem for each reflection paper and then present your own position in that debate. A rubric is attached and the essay topics are attached.


  1. Should countries other than the existing nuclear powers be allowed to have nuclear weapons? Answer referring to the debate on the utility of nuclear weapons in maintaining world peace and security and the dangers of these weapons falling in the wrong hands (terrorists, leaders with unstable personalities, countries with poor command and control system etc.). Please cite examples to support your argument.
  2. Does International Economic System provide a level playing field for the developing countries? Please answer the question by referring to the problems encountered by the ‘late developers’ in world economy and use relevant data and examples to support your answer.
  3. Define terrorism by referring to the problem of subjective interpretation of terrorist acts. How do transnational terrorists and criminal organizations benefit from each other? Please use relevant data and examples to support your argument
  4. Has globalization changed the idea of ‘nation-state’? Do you think that the forces of globalization will eliminate ‘state’ as the principle actor in international politics? Please cite examples to support your argument.

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