Case study of Abraham Lincoln

I need a 8-10 page paper in APA format detailing Abraham Lincoln. be the “investigating researcher” who will explain the behavioral path of Abraham Lincoln. This will include using the psychology theories you have learned to explain the many influences involved with guiding individual’s life, and outcome benchmarks of the person’s life. Your theory descriptions can come from your textbook or from credible online/hard-copy sources. Additionally, as a good researcher would do, this project will include a section on ethical concerns of limitations and biases. This aspect reaches back to research and the types of research used in an investigation. This includes looking at the type of data or information a biography presents; qualitative in nature as opposed to quantitative, ethical concerns regarding collecting the data or information, and human biases of telling the story accurately. You may have read a biography in the past that you can reference, or you can find short biographies online depicting the life of the person selected for this project. You can use one in-depth source for your biography, or find many short biographies to complete it.

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