Case Study

Pick one of the grand nursing theories from chapters 7-9 (except Henderson or Peplau)

2.          Obtain an original work of the theorist (i.e., primary source).  You may not be able to so get a source that exemplifies the theory. Do not use your textbook. Provide the reference in your post.

3.          Read the following case study and think about how your theorist would interpret the assessment information provided and intervene. All of this should be consistent with the grand nursing theory you choose.

Address the following items.

1. State which theory you are using In your initial post. Try to be the theorist and see the case from the theory.  For example if you were Roy  you will write about maintaining infection control for the baby in the NICU since her theory is on adaptation to the environm

3. Write a nursing diagnosis (see PP in lecture)

4.  Write one intervention for the diagnosis that could be applied to the family in the case study. You may choose either the mother, the infant, or the family as your focus.  THE 


200-270 words


Here are some suggestions for concepts to discuss within your theory – depression, post partum. guilt, stress,  family,  premature,transitions, adaptation. 

Case Study

Mrs. Bedlam gave birth to a premature boy baby 3 weeks ago. The baby is still in the NICU at the major medical center 45 miles away. Mrs. Bedlam has only been able to visit once a week when her husband has a day off and can watch their other children, all girls, ages 1, 3, 4, and 6.

The Bedlam family moved from Saudi Arabia 2 years ago. Prior to this pregnancy, Mrs. Bedlam was taking Prozac for depression. She states she feels so guilty because she can’t come to see the baby more often and can’t breast feed him as her culture demands.

Baby Boy Bedlam has necrotizing entercolitis and at least one intracranial bleed. He now weighs 1800 grams. His ventilator is set to deliver 85% oxygen

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