Can you have this assignment done by June 6th?

The link to the book is provided below these instructions. Please follow instructions. Number it like the questions are numbered. For question 1 Label it Chapter One 1), 2) Chapter 2 1), 2) and so on. PLEASE CITE AS REQUIRED in INSTRUCTIONS! Please put the word count at the end of number 2 and 3.

Read chapters 1, 2, & 3 of the Sherry Turkel book.

1. Provide two main ideas from each chapter (1,2,3) for a total of six main ideas with six full citations – (author last name, year of pub, page #). Min word count for each is 30 words

2. What does Turkel mean by the term, “Alone Together,” As you explain this provide two specific examples from the reading with two citations. (min. word count 150)

3. Provide an example or two from your own experiences with technology to illustrate, “alone together.” This essay should be a min. of 250 words. Please include the word count

*** Be sure to include a complete works cited. ***…

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