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Part I: Brief Essay Post (200 points)

  • Choose a current issue in the news right now or a current issue in your major, and compose a brief argumentative essay (no more than 600 words) in which you make as many informal fallacies as you can. Do not use religion, gay marriage or abortion. A minimum of 5 fallacies are required, though the more you make, the better you may do on this assignment. Do not identify the fallacies, as your peers will be doing that in Part II.
  • Fallacies outside the ones presented in the slideshow will not be accepted.
  • I will provide a link to the slideshow

Part II:

Choose TWO of your peers’ essays that HAVE NOT received a response, read their essays, and complete the following for them (you may number your replies as they are listed below):

  1. Summarize the essay and identify the major claim/thesis. (no more than 2-3 sentences).
  2. Identify each fallacy by quoting and naming it. This can be in list form.
  3. Choose two of the fallacies and explain to the author what the fallacy is and how they might fix it. Be gentle, and pretend they did not do it on purpose.
  4. I will provide paragraphs for you guys to make the comments on them.

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