Automation and Workload Management

Watch the short video about the crash of

Then, read the FAA Accident Overview (Links to an external site.)

 analysis of the crash, including the “flight path animation” link embedded in the article.

Create a presentation that assesses the performance of the crew of Eastern 401. You will analyze the performance of the crew (and other teammates such as ATC, fire/rescue, dispatch, maintenance, as applicable) with respect to this module’s lesson on automation and task/workload management. You are encouraged to discuss other areas of CRM as well but must at least focus on this week’s topics. Highlight any positive characteristics as well as areas for improvement. In your analysis, include a discussion of the principles of 6th Generation CRM/Threat and Error Management. 

Important: Do not just summarize the events; include a critical analysis.

The accident reports are also available for you to review:

(Attached  )



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