Assignment: Program Planning and Assessment Proposal: Section 3: Program Outcomes and Learning Objectives

Program outcomes and learning objectives help to establish the direction of a program. Program planners use the data from the needs assessment to help clarify the direction of program planning and to determine what is to be accomplished in the program. For this Assignment you will reflect on the learning resources in order to help you develop Section 2 of your Program Proposal, which will include the program outcomes and learning objectives related to your learning/work environment.

To prepare for this section of the assignment, locate existing program objectives and outcomes for your organization. Identify areas or components of the current program that you hope to improve with your proposal. When developing your objectives ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there a clear relationship between the program outcome and the problems, ideas or needs identified?
  • Are the program and learning objectives practical and doable?
  • Are there institutional policies that may affect the learning objectives and outcomes of the program developed?
  • Are the objectives measurable?
  • Do the learning objectives clearly communicate the proposed outcomes or accomplishments needed to reach the program objectives?

Assignment: Program Outcomes and Learning Objectives (2–3 pages)

  • Design three desired program outcomes based on needs assessment data.
  • Select one of the three program outcomes (one that is aligned with the institutional/organizational professional development goals).
  • Formulate 2–3 learning objectives that scaffold learning towards the outcome.

Prior to submitting this section of the course project for feedback, receive peer feedback by completing Discussion 2.

Note: The contents of your paper should be substantiated by the literature, utilizing reference citations and providing a reference list at the end of the paper. Please refer to the APA manual (6th ed.) for appropriate guidelines to support scholarly discourse

*** I have attached 2 papers for reference. Discussion 2 is related to the assignment. This is assignment is a continuation of Wk 4 Assignment( Section 2, Needs Assessment Plan)***

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