assignment 2

I have already finished this assignment. Now I need someone help me fix it (add/cite one more academic journal). Add about 100-250 words. I will show you my paper later

Learning outcomes:

– Understand the link between social stratification and poverty, and how it relates to social inequality.

– Consider how social stratification determines or limits life choices and opportunities.

– Interpret situations in which poverty is more likely to occur in the U.S.A.

– Locate and utilize available sociological data.

– Compare and contrast basic research methods for gathering data.


An organization involved in addressing the negative effects of social inequality is considering working in Ohio. The organization has hired you to suggest:

  1. a) a target group (also referred to as a social category) that would benefit most from their activities,

as well as

  1. b) a geographic location (you must choose a county in Ohio) that needs the presence of an organization working on social inequality issues.


You should recommend both a specific social category and a geographic location. The organization has asked you to explain your choice by relying on the U.S. Census Bureau demographic data, particularly The Ohio Poverty Report 2018 (URL:… (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. )

Optional (extra credit): You can strengthen your argument by an additional reference to a recent academic study published in a sociological peer-reviewed journal (see list of relevant journals below).

Word count: 450 – 550 words (650-750 with extra credit) words, be brief, and you use short tables whenever appropriate.

References: Make sure you inform the organization about your data sources (use APA, Chicago, or MLA styles). Below is a general structure for citing census data from American FactFinder.

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