Art and design work

Art re-presents the visual world. Or does it? students should read about beginning challenges to representation in Foster, H Matisse Visits Rodin.

Then week under ARTISTS and in class , you will find information about several very different contemporary artists. Look over the information about , Cindy Sherman, Ryan Gander. Or consider the Heavenly Bodies show and the accompanying Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art .

Art can represent the Visible and the Unseen. What is each artist or presenting, representing or “re-presenting?” Or is Re Presenting the world we see no longer a goal of art making? If art is no longer representational, is it based solely on form ( line, color shape etc) Or are other purposes superseding both representation and form?

The Heavenly Bodies show melds religion, art (as in the Metropolitan Museum of Art), high fashion, celebrity and fundraising. Do these juxtapositions make both art and religion accessible to more people? Is inappropriate appropriation a concern for you as you view the show. Is this the ultimate Kitsch? Is this show fun, engaging and cool?

What is the role of costume in art making and art teaching?

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