Answer two questions on this VERY short story

you can pick whatever Two you want to answer from the list below)

I attached the story

Read “Hills Like White Elephants” p165. This story makes more sense if you can read it with someone. Someone take the woman’s voice; someone the man’s.

Questions to consider:

  • What IS the operation in the story? How do you learn what it is? Why does Hemingway present it this way?
  • Comment on the characters’ life and their shared lifestyle. Do they communicate well?
  • Explore “absinthe” and its history; what does it contribute to the characters’ experience?
  • What is a “white elephant”? Explain the story’s title.
  • Explore and discuss the story’s symbolism: the suitcase, the train station, the beaded curtain, the landscape.
  • Hemingway is often described as writing in an “iceberg” style in which much of the story is submerged below what is actually presented on the page. How does this idea apply to this story?

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