Analyzing Questions

Question 1# Think about the blend between image and text in your graphic novel. Pick and analyze a scene–several panels–that is significant in some way. Write at least one developed paragraph describing how the author blends text and image, citing the specific page and panel as we learned from the video, like this: (33.5) would be page 33, panel 5.

Question 2# Tell me about your critical approach to literature (Marxism, Psychoanalysis, etc). What seem to be the primary ideas in this approach? Which ideas have the most practical application to the stories we have read so far? Select one of the stories and write two full, detailed paragraphs in response. Pull out specific examples from the story to connect with the theory. (The graphic novel, “One of These Days,” “Dry September,” “Land of Sad Oranges,” “Gorse,” “The Moths,” and “Story of an Hour”)

For example, you might tell me how patriarchy functions in Feminist Criticism, and explain how patriarchal repression functions in “Story of an Hour.”

To get the full points you need to write two developed paragraphs (think AXES).


Graphic Novel: Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic ATTACHED

Short stories,……

Literary theory,

Marxist Literary Theory: A Fun Graphic with cool visual examples (Links to an external site.)(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Feminist Theory: Feminist Read of Harry Potter: There will be some lucid moments here that might help you see how academics write feminist criticism:

Feminist Theory: Short Feminist “reads” of The Great Gatsby

Historical/New Historicism: a short resource

Psychoanalysis/Psychology: a Psychoanalytic “Reading” of Emily Dickinson’s Poetry

Psychoanalysis/Psychology: Carl Jung’s main ideas

Psychoanalysis/Psychology: Sigmund Freud’s major theories

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