Analyze the strategic business situation relevant to this decision: What forces were driving the company to take this action?

Topic:For this project you will conduct research on and analyze a specific C Suite leader and a major business decision that was made by that leader.  To begin you need to select your topic with the following steps:

  1. Select a C Suite leader to profile.  Pick someone who is visible in the public eye. The CEO of a public American company can be a good choice.  Part of your research will be to read press and news reports on this person so it is a good idea to check on their public visibility before finalizing your selection., YouTube, and are all good sources for interviews and videos on business leaders.
  2. Identify a major strategic marketing decision the company made while that person was in their  C- Suite role.  Common strategic marketing decisions are launching a new product, acquiring a business/entering a new market, rebranding a product, launching a major marketing campaign. Example: Elon Musk CEO of Tesla oversees the decision to launch a self driving car.

For the project you will conduct research on the executive, the company and the business decision and use your findings to write a report in which you:

  1. Describe the leadership background and leadership style of the executive (what is their leadership experience, what style of leadership do they demonstrate, what are previous successes/failures)
  2. Analyze the strategic business situation relevant to this decision: What forces were driving the company to take this action? What problems do you think they were trying to solve with this decision? Use data as much as possible.
  3. Take the role of a member of the Board of Directors for the company and identify three risks that the company should address in making a commitment to this course of action (e.g. risk that culture of acquisition will not fit into company, risk that leader is repeating a decision from the past that did not turn out well, etc).

Submissions will be evaluated on several criteria:

  1. Thoroughness: Are all topics addressed completely and with rigor?
  2. Supporting data and research: Is there evidence of research and data to support the key points? Are there at least 2 references to specific examples of this leader in action (interview quotes, video quotes, etc)
  3. Are there references to relevant course concepts? Try to link some course concepts to your observations to support your interpretations.
  4. Synthesis: Are research findings, data and course concepts used to create a clear point of view?
  5. Professional document and presentation: Is the document clear, and concise with minimal errors of grammar and vocabulary ?Is the document easy to follow and persuasive?

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