American history after 1865


Question A – “The Phases of Reconstruction and the Voices of the Past”

  • Reconstruction went through several phases. Explain what we were trying to “reconstruct” and compare two of the phases of Reconstruction. Which ideas do you think make the most sense? Why didn’t any of them end up working? Can you see problems in our own society that stem from the way Reconstruction was handled?

Extra point: Do you have any personal knowledge of slavery in our world today? Are there institutions in America whose effects are just slavery by another name and have they had an impact on your life?

Question B – “The Industrial Revolution”

  • Identify at least two (2) harmful business practices that arose from the increased industrialization of American society. Compare these harmful business practices with similarly harmful practices in the banking, mining, or petroleum industries today. Provide a rationale for your response and connect these two practices to two examples of harmful business practices in America today.

Extra point: tell us about an incident from your own experience in which you or someone you know personally lost their jobs to technology.

Question C – Western Industrialization

* The industrialization of the Western US included the uprooting of the native people who lived all across the vast area between Mexico and Canada. What was the policy of the US government towards Native Americans and how did it explain this policy? What was the impact of these policies on Native Americans?

Here is a video presentation of images of Chief Joseph of the Nimiipuu tribe. He led his people in a desperate attempt to escape being forced onto a reservation in the US. His words graphically portray the contrast in world views held by his people and those in Washington, DC.

Extra Credit – tell us about any direct knowledge you have of Native American people in your area. Do you know anyone with Native American family? If so, where do they live and what sort of life do they have today?

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