American Flight 1420 – Risk Management and Decision-Making Errors

Watch the video on the crash of American Airlines Flight 1420

Review the NTSB accident report (Attached )

Prepare a 5 page paper (APA format, double-spaced, not including cover page) analyzing the crash of American Airlines Flight 1420 in Little Rock, Arkansas. You will evaluate the performance of the crew (and other teammates such as ATC, dispatch, etc.) with respect to this module’s lesson on Risk Management and Decision-Making. You are encouraged to discuss other areas of CRM as well but must at least focus on RM/ADM. Highlight any positive characteristics as well as areas for improvement. Use the Risk Management and Decision-Making models you learned about in this module as a basis for your analysis. Also, include a discussion of the principles of 6th Generation CRM/Threat and Error Management. Do not just summarize the events; include a critical analysis!

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